We know… now days most places have become a jack of all trades, master of none. Here at D’Angelo’s, pizza is still king. Yeah, we have delicious, mouth watering, life changing wings. So what, our subs are loaded with tender meats and veggies, perfectly loaded the way you like it. Yeah, our menu is loaded with heavenly goodness, but we haven’t forgot what it’s all about: the Pizza!

D’Angelo’s Pizzas
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So, how do we do it? How do we make that perfect pie? It all starts with fresh, daily hand made dough. We still believe that fresh beats frozen, and our pride means your in for a treat. Yes, we really make the dough fresh every day, and there is no denying the difference it makes.

Second, it’s all about the meats. We pile more toppings on our pizza than our competitors because we know that you deserve quality. Yeah, it takes a little more work and it means we invest more in each order, but hey… when you are at D’Angelo’s, you’re family.

Thirdly, we load it with fresh veggies. Our owner and chef George Dilks personally selects the freshest ingredients daily, the team slices, dices and prepares the toppings fresh daily.

Lastly, each pizza is carefully cooked to perfection. Yeah, it is a lot of work… but hey, you deserve it!

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